“An inquisitive  journey  a closer approach to the truth “

HERA is an alternative creative retreat which combines a four day electronic music event with a trailblazing holistic program designed to empower your self expression, confidence and spirituality in order to unblock your creative potential.

HERA is for those who have an inquisitive mind and wish to explore the mysteries and beauties of Samothraki through the most vibrant experience which will transport you into ancient times in order to reconnect with the truth within us that is seeking to be expressed.

You will learn techniques which will invite you to connect with your inner landscape through movement, spirit, mind and art expression. We invite you to manifest your own unique abstraction into reality through different artforms in the most iconic setting.

It includes specially curated dinner parties with live Greek music and performances that will transport us into ancient classic times by sensing the flavours of the island. 


« An electronic music, performing arts and alternative creative retreat focusing in the art of self expression through different techniques including Fashion. 

Designed to unblock your potential in an iconic natural setting. »